Hauraton Faserfix® and Recyfix® civil drainage solutions 
February 12, 2021
Road construction and industrial sites make the highest demands on the load-bearing capacity of drainage channels. Hauraton offers two product families: Faserfix and Recyfix which meet all these requirements.
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Faserfix comprises fibre-reinforced concrete which makes it possible to create extremely stable lightweight products with slim channel walls. Recyfix is made from 100% recycled composite. The material used to produce Recyfix is similar easy to handle.

Hauraton Faserfix®Super
Drainage channels with extreme loads and high dynamic forces. Performance assured.
A strong, durable and reliable grated channel system in fibre-reinforced concrete with corrosion-proof galvanized steel angle housing and gratings up to Class F 900 in accordance with DIN EN 1433. Nominal sizes available from 100 to 500 mm each in different heights.
Hauraton Faserfix ®Super is ideal for installation at airports, sea ports, highways and traffic areas for industry.
Hauraton Faserfix- Surface drains
Key Features
• MaterialsFibre-reinforced concrete
• Channel width: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 & 500 mm
• Channel Lengths: 1.0m & 500mm (selected depths)
 Options: Grating inlay design; load options D400, E600, F900; Spheroidal ductile iron GJS 500-7 ‘EN1563‘; slotted grating or GUGI mesh grating; solid cover; KTL ‘cathodic dip’ coating (optional)
 Channel Configuration: Constant-depth (same channel depth), Built-in fall (150, 200, 300), Stepped-fall

Hauraton Recyfix®Hicap®F Slot Channel  
High capacity drainage system for highest load category and hydraulic requirements, large areas and ailing sewer systems.
Manufactured from high-grade modified polypropylene (PP) composite, Recyfix®Hicap®F Slot Channel is a high - capacity linear drainage system which provides efficient and cost-effective drainage and attenuation within extensive hard surface areas.
Recyfix®Hicap®F has a large selection of nominal widths for all loading classes and Stainless-Steel slot and design grating WAVE/ductile iron slots. Nominal width from 100 to 680 mm. 
Hauraton Recyfix® is an ideal drainage solution at container terminals, ports, airports, industrial estates, circuits and test tracks as well as parking areas.
Hauraton Recyfix - drainage system for sewerage
Key Features
• Materials: Modified Polypropylene (PP) Composite, some components in Polyamide (PA-GF)
• Channel sizes: HICAP®F 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 8000 & 10000
• Channel Lengths: 1.0m & 1.145m (RECYFIX®HICAP®F 10000)
• Options: Retained grating design, spheroidal ductile iron GJS 500-7 ‘EN1563’ (KTL ‘Cathodic dip’ coated) load in load class D400 and F900 (EN 1433:2002), stainless steel and design grating wave in load class D400 (EN 1433:2002)
• Channel Configuration: Constant depth (same channel depth), stepped fall

Hauraton Slotted Channel  
Performance assured with design flexibility.
Discreet drainage solution best suited for design-sensitive applications – areas and facades with high optical/architectural demands especially in public and commercial areas. 
Asymmetric /symmetric slotted covers made of stainless steel or galvanised steel and channel body in Recyfix modified poly propylene/Faserfix concrete. The surface slot opening has high intake capacity, provides efficient and effective drainage of surface water, ideal for areas with the highest rainfall intensities around the world. Removable access covers are provided at regular intervals for quick, simple cleaning and maintenance.
Hauraton - Slotted drainage supplier in UAE
Key Features
• Materials: Modified Polypropylene (PP) composite, fibre-reinforced concrete
• Channel sizes: 100, 150 & 200 mm
• Channel Lengths: 1.0m & 500mm (selected depths)
• Slotted cover: neat, discreet, rigid and aesthetic
• Options: load options ranging from A15 – D400 (EN 1433: 2022), asymmetric or symmetric configuration, austenitic stainless steel (AISI grade 304, 316, other) or galvanised steel (DX51D + Z275-MA-C)
• A ‘twin slotted’ cover is also available to provide an alternative surface detail with aesthetic appeal and efficient intake performance.
​​​​​​​Contact us now if you have requirement of drainage channels and products for construction and industrial projects. We offer the highest quality drainage solutions from Hauraton, a world-leader in modular drainage systems. 
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