We offer an extensive range of building materials solutions including pipes and fittings, valves, sanitaryware, passive fire protection, fire suppression systems, plumbing and drainage solutions, manhole covers, water heaters and heating systems, gas fitting and distribution among others.
Building & Infrastructure
The products that are part of ESAG Building Materials Division's portfolio are carefully selected to ensure design, efficiency and safety of the structure. We are able to offer our customers not only superior product solutions; but also professional and technical support of our Sales and Customer Care teams.  Know more.
Passive Fire Protection
The danger of fire is something that concerns everyone in our business, from the developers to the end-users. Governments are especially watchful on these issues. The Passive Fire Protection unit of our Building Materials Division has some unique features and services that are both at the cutting edge in the Gulf region, and are a source of both pride in performance and service. Learn more.

The personality of a house is often set by the place which gets the least attention, the bathroom - where people spend considerable time at the beginning and end of the day. As such, a perfect bathroom, tailored to the finer preferences of every family, every person, is hard to find. Our selections and options in sanitarywary products will leave you with the luxury of a very wide choice in design. Come and see, it is affordable luxury. Know more.
Drainage & Access
No city, no town or community dwelling zone of any kind can survive without manhole covers and other drainage systems and access products. Unglamorous they may seem, but they bring deep functionality to the city, as well a sense of organization, cleanliness, strength and structure. And a feeling that all is well. Mac Al Gurg and Al Semsam have been bringing this feeling to Dubai for nearly half a century.  Learn more.
Pipes & Fittings
The piping system in a building are the veins that carry its life sustaining elements. The pipes and fittings have to be strong and reliable if the building is to last long, Mac Al Gurg and Al Semsam have been strengthening buildings in the UAE since 1974. And we are proud that quietly, without any fuss, our products have been working decade after decade deep inside the great buildings of the country. Know more.
Paints & Adhesives
The beauty of your living environment often determines the mood of life. So you must find just the right tone, just the right texture and exactly that colour that sets the spirit right. ESAG Building Materials Division, working with Al Gurg Paints, has made your pleasant state of mind its mission. Read more.
Heating Systems
Heating systems to suit every need, and every budget are part of our portfolio. Going green? We have that too. Whether you seek large scale deployments, or the small water heaters for specific use in the kitchen, Mac Al Gurg, Al Semsam and Bath & More will meet your needs. Learn more.
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